Introducing a new pay-out method

April Fools

Introducing a new pay-out method – Penny Sweets

This month we’re releasing a new payment method that we’re really excited about. We did some research on our traditional payment methods and got some interesting results…

People were bored of conventional “money” and wanted something more, something tastier, a payment method that really got them excited about saving. That’s when we got to thinking; wouldn’t it be great if you got a sweet every time you made a transaction?

That’s why we’re introducing our new pay-out option, payment by Penny Sweets.

How to get your cashback as Penny Sweets:

It’s simple, you earn your cashback as normal and for every penny that you earn - you get a sweet. Once your cashback is payable by sweets you can request a sweety voucher or a sweet delivery (delivery option is limited to 1,000 sweets per delivery).

April Fools Image

April Fools!

Unfortunately, we cannot offer cashback in penny sweets, as fantastic as it sounds for the confectionery industry, it simply isn’t practical. We do have a fantastic range of payment methods including pay-out via, Tesco, M&S to name a few!

Posted on 01 Apr 2014  |  Posted in  Cashback Diary
  23 Jun 18 - 03:12
Haha you got me!
  01 Apr 14 - 11:27

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