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No matter what you’re studying and where, work experience will always put you ahead of the game in whatever you want to do.  Yes, you may come out of your degree with First class honours, but so will a lot of other candidates looking for employment. It’s not just what you know that will get you a career once you graduate; it’s how you apply it, and your best way of proving this is through a working environment.

Some university courses may give you the opportunity to take a four-year sandwich degree, meaning the third year is used for a placement year. Depending on what you’re studying, it may, or may not, be paid. For other courses, such as Nursing, they require you do work placements whilst you study. You will usually be given a lot of aid to do so.

Some postgraduate degrees and jobs require some sort of work experience, be it voluntary or otherwise.  For example; say you were thinking of going into teaching. All PGCE courses ask for applicants to have completed at least two weeks work experience in a teaching environment before they are considered. To do this; you could contact various schools, or perhaps think about teaching abroad through summer schemes such as Camp America.


Any work experience is better than none. Whether you volunteer for a charity, take a part-time internship or even if it’s just shadowing someone, everything counts.

There are many tools can be used at your disposal whilst researching for work experience.



Some websites are tailored to help you find work experience and/or a placement year for you.

This is great as you can search through job length, location and job role. With written reviews and ratings for previous employees, it is great to find the experience for you and what to expect. The website displays a direct link to the application, so it’s ridiculously easy to use… which means there’s no reason to not apply!

Like Rate my Placement, this website specialises in student placements. Though it doesn’t display any placement reviews, it does the job successfully.

Newspapers or Magazines

Frequently check local and national newspaper job sections. They are usually categorised through industries and a lot of companies only advertise through newspapers.

Ask your University

Usually your university will have contacts for different companies who take on interns or may have work experience vacancies. Visiting your University Careers Centre would be a fantastic start to finding some businesses. Some Universities have vacancies on their intranet which you can search and apply for placements on.

Contact Companies

Sometimes a lot of companies don’t even realise they can take on interns, but may be willing to take people on. A good idea would be to search for businesses in your field and contact them yourself. Not only will it show you have initiative and drive, but you may have opened a brand new door for yourself!

University Societies

A great way of gaining experience in your subject area would be through starting or joining a subject relevant society. Within this society you can meet with like-minded people, and even take trips out. It would be a great CV booster and in general is a fantastic opportunity!

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