Bonus Christmas Cashback for Everyone from Top CashBack


Hi all,

At Top CashBack we wanted to come up with a way to say thanks to all of our members for helping us to become the UK's Biggest Free Cashback Site.

What better way than to offer you more cashback on all of your Christmas shopping?

With the Festive Season fast approaching, we thought we could try and help you all with the daunting prospect of Christmas Shopping by offering ALL of our member's bonus cashback on ALL of their online purchases. All of our members will now earn a minimum of 1% Top-Up on ALL of their purchases. It may not sound like much, but EVERY purchase you complete will earn more cashback so this can soon add up to a nice bonus to spend in the January sales! Don't forget, we don't charge you any membership fees at all, so every penny of this cashback is yours to enjoy!

To make it easy to see how much you'll be saving, we have already updated the rates across the site to show them with the 1% top-up for everybody included!

Instead of having to earn a minimum of £10 cashback to benefit from a 1% Top-Up the following month, we will now be giving EVERYONE at least an extra 1% Top-Up. This means that instead of passing 100% commission back to you, we are now passing a minimum of 101% back instead!

Of course, it still holds that the more cashback you earn in any month, the greater the Top-Up you will get in the next month, so if you are a big cashback shopper, you can still earn up to 110% cashback with Top-Ups from Top Cashback. The new Top-Up bonus will be running from 4th November 10 and for all of November and December.

This gesture is designed to help you save more money this Christmas and to say thank you for using Top CashBack! Regards,

The Top CashBack Team
Posted on 05 Nov 2010  |  Posted in  Cashback Diary
Thank you cashback for the exra 1% Bonus that is great merry christmas and a very happy new year to all at chashback thank you once again xx
  12 Dec 11 - 18:34

Thanks for helping me earn a little extra
  09 Dec 11 - 19:42
This site is absolutely brilliant. Thank you Top CashBack so glad you where created and have now become so successful. Give yourselves a good pat-on-the back (probably echoed by all the users on here). A very Merry Christmas too.
  25 Nov 10 - 15:32
Was told about this site a few months ago and now use it all the time, have told all my friends about it and they all love it as well.
  18 Nov 10 - 19:05
Thank you for this lovely gesture. I always make sure even if I don't receive any cashback, I use the links on your site, to make sure you get the money Topcashback team. I am really grateful for this site. It has helped our family so much in this hard economic climate. Keep up the very good work!
  12 Nov 10 - 11:54
Very impressed. I switched from another cash back site in June. Best decision I made. This is the icing on the cake.
  08 Nov 10 - 11:44
Thank you for this lovely gesture and surprise. Like Maggie I only shop through TopCashBack if at all possible. Roll on being able to do it all through you! Happy Christmas to you all.
  07 Nov 10 - 17:56
  07 Nov 10 - 13:49
Thank you, I only use TCB and am amazed at how much my cashback has built up over the year. This will help even more.
  07 Nov 10 - 12:49
This is the best site by far as I also get free cashback just for filling out a request for lloyds airmiles credit card which I was declined for they still paid me £10 you cant get better than that thanks TCB have a great xmas & A great new year
  07 Nov 10 - 10:23
U Get a Thumbs Up Here TCB
  06 Nov 10 - 21:11
Thank you very much, really appreciated.
  06 Nov 10 - 19:02
Many Thanks, much appreciated! :-)
  06 Nov 10 - 15:29
A lovely bonus in the Xmas run up. Loving TopCashback even more than I already do!
  06 Nov 10 - 14:51
A big thank you for the extra 1% This is a fab site. Happy Christmas xxx
  06 Nov 10 - 13:26
Love this site! It's scary how much I buy throughout the year, but knowing i'll be able to treat myself in the end is awesome! Thank you TopCashback!!!
  06 Nov 10 - 12:51
It all adds up!
  06 Nov 10 - 12:09
Thankyou so much TopCashback and a merry christmas to you all. I recommend your site to all my friends and family. You are the best!!
  06 Nov 10 - 09:40
What a great idea gives me the incentive to shop more too and can I be the first to wish you all a happy christmas filled with love joy and loads of TopCashback x
  06 Nov 10 - 09:11
Thank you very much, TopCashback is the best
  06 Nov 10 - 09:05
Thanks TopCashback, very generous, I cant understand why anybody would use a different cashback site, your the best!
  06 Nov 10 - 07:51
Thank you TopcashBack!

This site is amazing!!!

  06 Nov 10 - 07:47
Thank you TopCashback.
  06 Nov 10 - 07:30
A much-appreciated gesture from someone who only ever uses TCB now. I do all my christmas shopping online, through TCB naturally and will look forward to even more cash back in the new year. Thanks for all your hard work and a Merry Christmas to you all and a prosperous new year to all Top Cash Backers.
  05 Nov 10 - 23:20
Lovely thought, thank you, I have only used the TCB site once, and of course want to wait until the cash back is available before I continue to shop. Which i'm sure will be shortly. Thanks x
  05 Nov 10 - 21:39
Thank you so much..I think this is a great site
  05 Nov 10 - 19:29
Thanks so much for such a lovely gesture.......... Lets go shopping
  05 Nov 10 - 19:11
Appreciated. I only ever use TCB now. You've been so reliable at chasing up my missing cashback whenever i've had a problem. Thank you.
  05 Nov 10 - 18:24
Tweeted & Facebooked!
  05 Nov 10 - 18:19
So nice to get rewarded for your loyalty. My sister introduced me to Topcashback a couple of years ago and I now use it as much as I can. Thanks TCB!
  05 Nov 10 - 18:09
Lovely gesture :d
  05 Nov 10 - 17:47
Very kind of you. Thank you !!!
  05 Nov 10 - 17:41
Love TopCashback the only cashback site I use keep up the good work so glad I became a member made money back with so many purchases gets better and better
  05 Nov 10 - 17:27
Thank you!
  05 Nov 10 - 17:25
Many thanks . Only shop through this site now. Brilliant to get money for nothing. Happy Christmas xx
  05 Nov 10 - 17:23
A very nice gesture by TCB but would it not be a good idea to chase up the merchants that owe a lot of members a lot of money.
  05 Nov 10 - 17:21
I only use TopCashBack now so this means a lot.
  05 Nov 10 - 17:15
Wishing all at TCB a Merry Christmas, and thanking you for securing so many excellent cashback deals over the year!
  05 Nov 10 - 17:13
Just to say a big thank you for this lovely gesture. I only ever shop via Topcashback now, cashback is a lot more than any others I have seen and the customer service, if you need to query anything, is second to none. Thank you so much.
  05 Nov 10 - 17:10

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