Amazon Electronics Gift Guide


Welcome to the Electronics Gift Guide, a hand-selected assortment of hot deals and gifts for him and her, including the latest electronics products, just in time for Christmas.

Find the perfect present by category, gift profile or persona, or via your favourite brand's store page. With a wide selection of gadgets from Consumer Electronics, PC & Phones,'s new Wearable Technology and Home Automation stores, you are bound to find the perfect gift for the gadget guru, accessory aficionado, music enthusiast, photographer, or pretty much any one of your friends or family--and, of course, a little something for yourself.

The gift guide will help you navigate a selection of products tailored to the hobbies and lifestyles of your loved ones. You will find a wide selection of gift ideas from practical gadgets to high-tech and trendy electronic products.

Amazon will also feature a Gift Idea of the Day, every day until Boxing Day! Keep your eyes peeled for featured deals on a high-end product or a brand new gadget.

Featured products

The Logitech G930 Wireless Gaming Headset is the perfect gift for the videogame enthusiast. Play the latest games with no wires to tie you down! Plus with the amount of sound detail and clarity this headset gives, you’ll hear your opponents before they can even see you for up to 10 hours on a single charge!  

Boost productivity and manage your day to day life with maximum optimisation with the Lenovo N20p Multimode Touchscreen Chromebook! Collaborating to create this amazing piece of tech, Google Chrome and Lenovo bring to you a Chromebook with Dual Mode which allows you to be more productive when you need it as school or in the office, then switch to stand mode to kick back and watch your favourite movie or listen to your favourite song.

Stay connected with this LG G Watch. Whenever you can’t get to your phone, your phone will come to you with this Smartwatch bought to you by LG and Google! Powered by Android Wear you’ll be connected to those who matter most, whether it’s an alert for that important meeting or a call from a loved one- You’ll never miss out again! It's intuitive and comfortable, bringing the info you need to your wrist.

Apple TV brings you what you need, when you need it! Get entertainment right on your widescreen directly from Apple, Netflix and many other TV services! Not only that, you can stream music, videos and pictures right from your Apple device to your TV, no more huddling around a small phone screen when sharing your latest holiday snaps with your family. This box is perfect for the festive season where many families will sit together and enjoy movies and Christmas box sets.

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Hi, I can confirm that this is for and we are looking into altering this to show correctly as we speak, our apologies for any confusion caused though. Kind regards, Samantha