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Appliances Direct Reviews
friend icon first time would do it again
  michelle1812 | 10 Dec 2011 Report Abuse
friend icon Brilliant service from this merchant and I would use again - Thanks
  curerich01 | 06 Oct 2011 Report Abuse
friend icon Rapid delivery, and very reliable. Prices were excellent, as was packing. would recommend highly.
  Angelpaws | 19 Jul 2011 Report Abuse
friend icon Tracked but still pending. AD have some very cheap prices - the offset is the delivery slot - i got a 3.5 hour slot the day before delivery. Everything was fine though.
  Gamble | 02 Feb 2011 Report Abuse
friend icon I was very impressed with the speed and efficiency from both appliances direct and TCB. I was quoted 28 days delivery and received the order within 3 weeks and the cashback was in my account within a week. thanks to all.
  petemc | 03 Jan 2011 Report Abuse
friend icon got the best buy when we used the cashback website. thanks very much
  KeithH2511 | 12 Nov 2010 Report Abuse
friend icon Got the cashback on the ex VAT price of the item only, so excluding delivery. I chose this retailer over many others as they offered specified day delivery, but unfortunately they were not able to deliver on the day I specified which made the whole experience a bit pointless. They refunded me £5 for the inconvience - I was hoping for a bit more. Also they don't seem to publish a phone number, although are reasonably quick at responding to emessages.
  simon398 | 11 Nov 2010 Report Abuse
friend icon Washing machine purchased was delivered at time quoted. Kept informed via email when delivery was to be made. Excellant
  pandora136 | 30 Sep 2010 Report Abuse
friend icon very smooth transaction in all respects.
  sallyfaulkner | 16 Jul 2010 Report Abuse
friend icon I placed order in June was told dryer in stock, given delivery date, great i thought, found out morning of delivery item not in stock, no delivery for another 2 weeks! NOT GOOD, I'd taken time off work! As for the cashback - a joke after 6 months of nudges emails I am told no cashback I quote - The reason that we have received to support this decision states… “This transaction has been tracked successfully”. What sort of rubbish answer is that? I am NOT impressed
  tashw | 05 Feb 2013 Report Abuse
friend icon Brought a smeg fridge/freezer in March and still waiting for my cashback...they have delieved the item and took my money quick enough....but not too quick to pay my cashback...had to put in a claim and now top cash back said it may take months....maybe they are hoping I will forget about it by then...if your thinking of buying from these cos of the money back, dont bother.
  angie140175 | 03 May 2012 Report Abuse
friend icon Retailer customer service was fantastic however my purchase hasn't tracked and I have chased on several occasions since February with no joy.
  england19750 | 21 Apr 2012 Report Abuse
friend icon Tumble dryer purchased last night,Sunday 30th October,Topcashback confirms tracking within a day.Goods supposedly cant be supplied until at least 3rd November.When 2/3rd through the process of buying on line I then discovered a clause which claims it could be 28 days for delivery.I hope not,we shall see.
  Ramboray | 31 Oct 2011 Report Abuse
friend icon The retailer was good and the product was as described but having problems with the cashback. No cashback tracked and still waiting for the retailer.
  OZZY123 | 27 Jan 2011 Report Abuse
friend icon Took a while to track and ended up submitting a claim but seemed to come through quickly after that. Note that the cashback (4%) is on the ex-vat prices and also excludes delivery, credit card charges etc. Good experience with merchant. Competitive prices. Kept updated of expected delivery date by email, goods were dispatched much quicker than the initial indication on the web site. Was given a Saturday delivery without asking which was useful. Texted the night before with a delivery slot and then the delivery team phoned 20 mins beforehand to make sure we were there. Good job as it was around 7:40am when they arrived so ensured we were up! They would have unpacked the good but they are to go in an as yet to be fitted fitted kitchen so safer if they were left packed up. Just hope it all works when installed though no reason to think not as the packaging was in good condition etc. Would recommend and use again.
  Graz279 | 12 Nov 2010 Report Abuse
friend icon item description wrong so wrong product sent returned with no problems waiting for new product
  andjam1 | 05 Nov 2010 Report Abuse
friend icon Very slow Had to chase top cashback on numerous occasions
  Haddad84 | 02 Aug 2020 Report Abuse
friend icon Declined for no obvious reason, won’t use them again.
  MelloBen | 22 Dec 2019 Report Abuse
friend icon Be wary of these guys!! Bought a large appliance from Appliances Direct, had approx. £15 owing to me in cashback. The purchase was tracked however it's been declined?? What's the point of having it tracked only for them to decline it. I think Top Cashback should have stood their ground here on behalf of their loyal customers.
  Morebux | 24 Dec 2014 Report Abuse
friend icon Not a huge amount, but despite lodging a dispute, they refused the cash back. They may use it as free advertising to tempt us in, but they forget we have social media these days.
  cookie6 | 26 Sep 2014 Report Abuse
friend icon Purchased items in June 2013. It's now Jan 2014 and Cashback of £6.40 declined by Appliances Direct as "order not made online". WRONG, WRONG, WRONG !!! They are an online company, how else would the order have been made. I have emails to support the order. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND !!!!
  scottcreaser | 21 Jan 2014 Report Abuse
friend icon Had no problem with ordering from this company, but with regard to cashback, that's another matter! Purchased goods in July but order has never tracked. According to my Topcashback account, they are still 'waiting for merchant'.
  sarajulia | 09 Oct 2013 Report Abuse
friend icon Don't use this company they refused my cashback on a genuine purchase for £1700. Seems they are simply using the cashback sites for advertising but not honouring the cashback. Terrible and unethical company.
  pgale | 29 Mar 2013 Report Abuse
friend icon I am not happy with this company I spent alot of money on here, I had to send something back that i had ordered as i had picked wrong one, I had to pay a lot more money for product I bought plus pay delivery on returned item although I would say the service was very good they havenot given me my cash back!!! So even though i spent another load of money i got nothing for anything so beware of this, It was ages ago I sent off to ask for claim back and they still have not honoured me cash back. IT IS COMPANIES LIKE THIS THAT GIVE CASHBACK A BAD NAME!!! really is not fair on cash back, and if this had been the 1st time I had used cashback I would not of returned and therefor lost out... Come on pay your customers the cashback you owe them Direct Appliances, will not recomend to friend or ever use them again!!!!!!
  ladyKaren | 21 Dec 2012 Report Abuse
friend icon Had 1 item delivered 3 weeks late. One appliance was faulty, initially they tried to replace with a different part and then failed on further 2 deliveries. Cusomter service was non existent. Wish I had never used them and certainly wouldn't recommend. Use Electrical123 or Ultimate Appliances, both offer a much better service.
  fiddypence | 03 Dec 2012 Report Abuse
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