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Our History Top Cashback was launched way back in the Summer of 2005. The aim was simple; to develop a website that would help each and every UK resident to save as much money as possible on their shopping.

We started as the first and only cashback site to pass on 100% of your cashback to you – whilst also not charging any admin fees whatsoever. The website would earn its revenue from sponsored adverts – just as with other large websites such as Facebook or Google.

Many people said it would be difficult to make a living from this model – and indeed, it was certainly not easy in the early days. In fact, after working all the hours of the day for very little money, one of the founders left in order to earn respectable money for sensible hours in a proper job!

The website stuck to its ethos however – and in fact, here at Top Cashback we are so determined to pass on your savings that we even reward loyal members by paying up to 110% cashback. (This is our unique Top-Ups from Top Cashback scheme).

Our commitment to be the 'Most Generous' Cashback site, coupled with our determination to offer high levels of service, drives our ambition to be one of the biggest cashback sites in the world. We are a real UK Success Story thanks to our loyal and committed members for helping us make this happen - we offer a BIG thank you for your continued support.

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