Groceries Offers Terms & Conditions

1. Offers

Each Grocery “offer” allows you to earn cashback for purchasing the item described. To claim the reward, you need to unlock the offer by completing a simple task, scan the barcode on the item, purchase the item, and then submit a photograph of the till receipt from your purchase.

Offers may be redeemed via the mobile application only. Any submissions of receipts that are sent via any other means will not be accepted.

These offers are available for personal use only, and must not be used for any commercial purpose whatsoever or for any illegal or unauthorised purpose.

Offers are specific to a single user and details of an Offer for the same product may differ from user to user.

An offer may only be redeemed once per member, unless stated otherwise on the Offer page, and may not be redeemed in respect of multiple or accumulated purchases, unless clearly stated otherwise in the conditions of the offer. 

TopCashback reserves the right to adjust the period that an offer is available on the website. 

TopCashback reserves the right to cancel or withdraw any offer or other promotion at any time without notice and without reason. 

Offers are only available to members who are actively registered with TopCashback, and have downloaded the TopCashback mobile application.

Terms and conditions for individual offers may supersede these general terms and conditions where applicable. 

Offers are made by TopCashback only. No third party brands other than TopCashback are party to the offer or in any way liable to redeem the offer.

Offers are powered by Shopitize Ltd. When an identical offer is presented on the Shopitize mobile application as well as the TopCashback mobile application, you may only redeem this offer once on either Shopitize or TopCashback. Any attempts to redeem an identical offer on both Shopitize and TopCashback using the same receipt will be rejected.

2. Eligibility

Each offer has its own validity period. In order for a reward to be redeemed successfully, the required purchase must be made within the offer validity period. Receipts submitted with the date and time outside of the original offer period will not be accepted.

The date you must have submitted your receipt by to redeem the reward is stated on the offer page of each offer. Receipts cannot be submitted for the offer after this date.

Each offer has its own specific list of retailers where the item can be purchased in order to be eligible for Groceries cashback, as listed on the Offer page for each offer. Any receipts submitted for any other stores will not be accepted unless clearly stated in the offer specific terms and conditions. 

Each offer can only be claimed once per receipt, and each receipt can only be used by one member for each offer. Any duplicate submissions for the same item in the offer period will be declined. 

Online purchases will not be accepted. The receipt must be from an in-store purchase only. 

3. Receipts

In order to be successfully rewarded for an offer, the image submitted must display the whole of your till receipt for that purchase. If you are unable to get the whole receipt into one photo, then the receipt may be photographed in sections and then stitched together using the app camera.

Submissions without an image clearly showing the relevant receipt will not be accepted. 

All information on the receipt, including but not limited to, store name, product purchased, date and time, and receipt number must be clearly visible in the image.

We will make every effort to read the information on the receipt that is submitted, but we reserve the right to decline any receipts that are of low quality or fail to clearly display the necessary information. 

Any receipts that have been tampered with or are damaged in any way, including receipts that have been folded, drawn on, scrunched up, ripped, or cut up may be rejected and your reward declined. These receipts may be rejected at the sole discretion of Shopitize Ltd.

Receipts will only be accepted if they are within the limits of the individual product description detailed in the individual product’s terms and conditions, for example the size, weight, contents or variety. 

You may only use your own receipts (i.e. receipts for items that you have purchased yourself) and furthermore you may not share your receipts with other TopCashback members. Any submissions that are believed to contravene this rule may be declined. Any cashback within those members’ accounts will be forfeited and the TopCashback accounts may be terminated. 

Once you have submitted a receipt image, please retain the receipt or receipt image until your submission has been approved and the cashback has reached payable status in your account, as we may require you to resubmit it at a later date. 

Each receipt provided to us is checked for eligibility in order to verify product offers corresponding to your purchases, according to individual terms mentioned if applicable and will be stored on file for our records. 

Each receipt provided to us is checked for eligibility to be a proof of your participation in order to verify Offers corresponding to your purchases, according to individual terms pertaining to the relevant Offer (if applicable). Your receipt data is further used by our proprietary system in communicating personalised Offers customised for your shopping needs. An image of a receipt submitted to TopCashback by electronic means will be processed via the Shopitize technology platform and the resulting data and images stored on Shopitize owned or leased facilities in the European Union. As part of the on-going training of the technology platform, select receipt images, portions of receipt images, or the derived data from either may require manual review. In all such cases, the data reviewed is not identifiable to an individual.

Receipts from stores outside the UK will not be accepted. 

4. Redeeming rewards

Users may be required to carry out simple tasks within the TopCashback mobile application in order to unlock an award. This may include answering a simple question, watching a short video, or learning a fact. By completing these tasks, users agree to provide TopCashback with honest and truthful information and opinions.

Offers may only be redeemed once members have unlocked the offer, scanned the barcode on the specified item, and uploaded a genuine in-store receipt via the app in accordance with the individual item terms and conditions. The value of the offer will not be rewarded until all required tasks have been completed within the offer validity period.

Scanning of the barcode will not be accepted as proof of purchase.

One receipt can be used to redeem one or more different offers. Prior to submitting each receipt a user is required to specify which Offers, if any, are to be claimed and validated on the submission of the receipt.

If a user claims an Offer which still has uncompleted task(s) they will no longer be able to complete these task(s).

If the receipt, for whatever reason, does not contain one or all of the Offer products specified by the user, the reward for that offer will not be redeemed.

When one or more items on a receipt have not been recognised and therefore the reward not given, the user has the option of reporting the receipt for manual review for up to 7 days after the receipt was first submitted. Manual review is expected to take up to 7 days but it can be longer.

Should the receipt be rejected it will be labelled “Reward Declined”. Where possible TopCashback will aim to communicate the reason for receipt rejection by appropriately tagging the receipt.

Groceries cashback is a UK app-exclusive feature, and therefore these offers cannot be redeemed on the desktop or mobile site.

Offers can be redeemed via the TopCashback mobile application only. Any attempt to redeem an offer by submitting a photo of a receipt or barcode via any other means will be rejected.

After you’ve submitted your receipt and it has been approved, cashback should appear on your account the same day, but please allow up to 7 days for this to appear. Where your receipt has not instantly been approved, we will inform you of this and any next steps you need to follow to redeem the reward.

Rewards are paid solely by TopCashback, and not by any other third party.


TopCashback will not charge members for the use of the app or any of its services, however when using the TopCashback app on your mobile device, your wireless service carrier's standard charges, data rates and other fees may apply. In addition, not all app features may work with all carriers or devices. 

TopCashback reserves the right to terminate any account in the event of suspected fraudulent receipt submissions. Any receipts that are suspected fraudulent activity may go to ‘Under Review’ status for up to 2 days.

By downloading the TopCashback UK mobile application and accessing the offers listed in the Groceries section of the app, you agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions.

In addition to the information above, our general terms and conditions and privacy policy also apply for the TopCashback mobile app and can be found on our website.