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npower supplies gas and electricity to around 3.5 million customers and produces around 10% of the electricity used in the UK.
Why choose npower?
• UK based call centres
• A range of tariffs to suit your needs
• A free energy efficiency helpline with trained advisers who offer tips and advice
• Online account service to view your bills and set up meter read reminders for more accurate bills
• Free phone and reduced rate customer service numbers from landlines and mobiles

npower makes things easy and convenient -
During the switch from your current supplier we’ll speak to them for you and manage the process. And when you’re all set up, we’ll make managing your account easy. You can view your bills through your online account and send meter reads for more accurate bills.

About npower –
As well as gas and electricity we provide a comprehensive service for central heating and gas boiler care to help keep your hot water and central heating in tip top condition. Our expert team of Gas Safe Registered engineers are on call with a friendly efficient service when you need it most with service or repairs.

About npower Business -
We’re dedicated to helping UK businesses use energy more efficiently and reduce their energy bills.  As one of the UK's largest electricity and gas suppliers we service around 250,000 business sites.

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Tracking Stats

Avg Tracking Speed
This is the average amount of time it takes from you submitting your order with a merchant to the cashback amount appearing as “pending” in your earnings within your top cashback Account. Please be aware this is an average tracking speed and transactions can take up to 7 days to show in your account.
Avg Tracking Speed
0 days 16 hrs
Avg Payment Speed
Based on transactions which have been paid for this merchant, this is the average amount of time it takes the merchant to validate your order and pay the cashback. This will then appear as “payable” in your earnings. Please be aware that this is an average payment speed based on previous payment performance and therefore payments can take longer than originally estimated. As this is calculated based on transactions which have been previously paid, it does not include recent transactions which have not yet reached payable status. In order to understand the latest payment history for this merchant, please refer to the ‘Payment Performance’ field below.
Avg Payment Speed
42 wks 6 days
Auto Tracking Reliability
This shows a percentage of transactions which successfully track automatically to members accounts for this merchant.
Auto Tracking Reliability
Manual Claims Required
Due to cookie blockers and other influences, some transactions don’t track automatically. If this happens to you, then you can fill in a form from our enquires section and we will manually try and get this cashback awarded. This is the percentage where manual claims have been required for this merchant.
Manual Claims Required
Manual Claims Complete
This shows the percentage of claims that are successful following a manual claim submission.
Manual Claims Complete
Payment Performance
Payment performance confirms when we last received a payment from this merchant and for the period the transactions were originally made.
Payment Performance
We last received a payment from this merchant during February 2016, for transactions in December 2015.

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