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Equifax Reviews
A very good informative site
  davidhynes36 | 02 Feb 2011 Report Abuse
V easy
  JLMaud | 31 Jan 2011 Report Abuse
Excellent and fast service
  djyhkr | 26 Dec 2010 Report Abuse
Has been verified but yet to receive the cashback, first expereince of topcashback so not particulalry impressed so far.
  Katpus | 19 Dec 2010 Report Abuse
Easy £5 cashback even though I had to chase it up, interesting to see your credit history too :o)
  kjevo | 17 Dec 2010 Report Abuse
3 Months and its still at confirmed but no payment and I dont think anyone has been paid through this site for equifax yet
  freecash1943 | 07 Dec 2010 Report Abuse
Very useful.
  carl73 | 21 Nov 2010 Report Abuse
I tried this out for two reasons really - I thought the £20 cashback was a great offer and also, having had debts for years I was interested to see the report. The service from equifax was pretty good, I used the free phone number listed on this comments board on both occasions (like many others I was referred to phone them as the system was unable to complete my application online) and although the lady asked where I got the number from she was polite and finished the application quickly. I phoned the same number to cancel after a couple of weeks of viewing the reports and it was again very quick and easy, they didnt even ask why I wanted to cancel. In terms of the cashback - it did not track and so I manually claimed via tcb and eventually, this week (a week after I had cancelled) it showed and went into confirmed within 2 days - very pleased as I had sort of given up on it due to having cancelled before it appeared.
  aliogilvie | 11 Nov 2010 Report Abuse
Cashback tracked within 24 hours. Website easy to use.
  JoannaO | 09 Nov 2010 Report Abuse
Great cash back, but you have to call them direct to end your account.
  jamesakadamingo | 02 Nov 2010 Report Abuse
Very good, I did the free trial, cancelle within the 30 days and hav £20 due to come to me without spending a penny! and I got to check my credit report. Payment has been confirmed but not yet paid, due any time now . . .
  cjbrightman | 02 Nov 2010 Report Abuse
Transaction traced in few days on tcb. Equifax is good service, but I do not need it more than one time to check the data they keep about me. Waiting for my £5.00. Very important: you can cancel subscription online, from their https customer sevice "ask a question" link after you login there (not the main site). I did not call them on any phone.
  nick65go | 27 Oct 2010 Report Abuse
20 Quid tracked quickly, cancelled easily using the freephone number and just said I was in financial difficulty and the call took about 1 minute. Lets hope the payment goes through as well :)
  freecash1943 | 26 Oct 2010 Report Abuse
Cashback was not added after two weeks and I had to submit a ticket and waited about two weeks for my cashback to be added
  Scott76 | 11 Oct 2010 Report Abuse
Cashback tracked quickly, product fiddly to register for, and not worth paying monthly fee for. Did not list hardly any of companies I know I have had dealings with. Will cancel before free months trial up. Good way to earn some cash back for free though.
  CMOORE | 09 Oct 2010 Report Abuse
Tracked within a day, cancelled easily using london no. Easiest £20 since the note grandma used to sneak to me behind my mum's back.
  Ian_Hart_UK | 04 Oct 2010 Report Abuse
Tracked no probs, but still not been confirmed yet!
  muster260782 | 02 Oct 2010 Report Abuse
I managed to do everything smoothly on line. You have to cancel by phone mind you on the 0844 number, but if you go to saynoto0870.Com they give you the landline equivalent which for most people is free in their inclusive minutes. Remains to be seen if I get cashback of course, but transaction was smooth enough.
  ggreg | 23 Sep 2010 Report Abuse
Straight forward to register, very good product on offer. It tracked within 24hrs with confirmatory email from tcb. All good so far.
  andreti | 08 Sep 2010 Report Abuse
Took the free trial out of curiosity more than anything. The results were interesting but not enough to make me want to continue and pay for this product. Cancelling the trial was easy - just one phonecall - but the cashback was a struggle and took ages to be paid.
  nifty1 | 03 Jun 2011 Report Abuse
The cashback did not go through and I had to complete a claim form. Topcashback have been brilliant but I was not impressed with equifax customer services, I found them very unhelpful.
  sifaghali | 25 May 2011 Report Abuse
Didn't get the promised cashback and a real pain to cancel. Cancellation details are hidden in the faq's. Not a great experience.
  edthedog | 21 May 2011 Report Abuse
Tracked very slowly, only after about a month. And became payable 4 months after the transaction.
  tcbr | 18 May 2011 Report Abuse
I personly founs the credit report to be usles for me. And was hoping to see my credit score, but this costs extra. There was no informatio hear I didn't alredy know
  DUSTYDOG | 08 May 2011 Report Abuse
So far so good. Hopefully will pay soon
  damebigs | 29 Apr 2011 Report Abuse
Didnt track, had to chase up cashback with this merchant as did many others. Great amount but terrible getting paid.
  Emma_williams | 21 Apr 2011 Report Abuse
Very, very slow. Still waiting for my cash after several months. Waste of time?
  Shoes_Buttback | 15 Apr 2011 Report Abuse
Have yet to receive cashback. Avoid
  neonplanet40 | 11 Apr 2011 Report Abuse
Great cashback rate but I am yet to receive it
  jellylelly | 10 Apr 2011 Report Abuse
Been waiting and waiting for the cashback for months. No sign of it.
  psynnott | 07 Apr 2011 Report Abuse
Its been a very long time since I took this cashback offer, and still not received.
  Catabby | 07 Apr 2011 Report Abuse
Still waiting for cash back to be materialize!
  Kraus | 29 Mar 2011 Report Abuse
£5.20 For a free trial is pretty good. If only you got some actual information from the free trial. Your "report" tells you almost nothing. Only the companies you have dealings with. For anything interesting you need to pay more. I cancelled the service within a week of signing up for the free trial and still received the cashback.
  djdd87 | 23 Feb 2011 Report Abuse
Its been nearly a month and I have not recieved the cashback yet, it says still pending
  jamesmummy | 16 Feb 2011 Report Abuse
Useful if you are considering getting a morgage or something smilair. Otherwise use seems limited.
  Gary_Lovell | 13 Feb 2011 Report Abuse
Havent rec'd cashback yet so cant comment
  Kelsiemoomoo | 12 Feb 2011 Report Abuse
Easy to subscribe to but customer services were unhelpful
  bugger | 08 Feb 2011 Report Abuse
Did not track at all. Not at all clear what reference number was required for the cashback claim so i'm not hopeful that i'll get anything. Cancelling was straight forward enough but they signed me up to 12 months identity theft protection as part of the cancellation process! agreed not to after a bit of protesting but it wasn't a case of "would you like 12 months identity theft protection?", more "you are getting 12 months identity theft protection" - yes, ok, it is free, but I don't want the hassle of having to phone and cancel that in a year as well.
  ricmelia | 07 Feb 2011 Report Abuse
Poor service, could not understand the page... In fact it did not seem to work! simple data not accessible, in fact I really no wiser now! no contact telephone number of any worth, if you are in difficulty.
  Sean_White | 05 Feb 2011 Report Abuse
Easy to set up, easy to cancel, tracked ok, but 4 months later (2 months past the "pay by" date) and it is still "confirmed". Looks like equifax are not paying out their cashback. Still, it didn't cost anything I suppose.
  GreyMan | 28 Jan 2011 Report Abuse
After 1 week it had not tracked. Not sure I can be bothered to follow up. Equifax information about me was accurate. Cancellation was quick and easy and free - ring 0800 0665825 (instead of the 0844 number) and press option 2.
  doublegandt | 25 Jan 2011 Report Abuse
Difficult site to use, staff unhelpful when I report the fact they had were wrong. Foreign call center says it all!
  mikeward | 23 Jan 2011 Report Abuse
Amount tracked very quickly. Will see if I get any cashback.
  bakers_man | 20 Jan 2011 Report Abuse
Well it did take 3 months but I did get the cashback in the end. Given the other reviews though, I do think I will not be using them again.
  Jim_Fryatt | 19 Jan 2011 Report Abuse
Signed up easily and cancelled without problem by letter. Cashback took 12 weeks to come through as estimated.
  julesm11 | 11 Jan 2011 Report Abuse
Avoid avoid avoid this merchant. The inticing offer of great cashback pales into insignificance when you are constantly chasing for cahsback to be registered. Still not confirmed with any amount since october 2010, numerous nudges to tcb without hearing anything. Avoid if you are looking to be padi cash back
  Zoe2010 | 06 Jan 2011 Report Abuse
I was advised that payment would be available after 28/11 but so far have not received anything!
  Bridgie1962 | 01 Jan 2011 Report Abuse
Why are people giving this a good merchant rating when nobody has been paid?? wonder if anyone will get any money, ever, tbc are doing nothing to chase it up!!
  lmg | 14 Dec 2010 Report Abuse
Got a product in july this year, made a cashback claim in august, still nothing received!
  paulh99uk | 13 Dec 2010 Report Abuse
It's now been over three months since applying for this cashback, and still waiting. I'ts absolutely ridicuous that they can make an offer, then make the customer wait for three months before paying out, and the whole experience was reported to tcb who provided a pretty much tepid response, when I was hoping for something like "we will chase this up", but no, pretty much keep waiting....Avoid unless you have the patience of a saint...
  kjcook76 | 13 Dec 2010 Report Abuse


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