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EDF Energy Reviews
I signed up with edf in august 2009. It is now jan 2010 and I am still waiting for my cash back.
  BradleyBear | 02 Jan 2010 Report Abuse
Well tracked after prompt bu just waiting for pay out well done tcb
  djthrobber | 02 Jan 2010 Report Abuse
Changed two accounts over; cashback for one came through without problem, the other took months of chasing.
  JackPreacher | 31 Dec 2009 Report Abuse
Excellent, tracked straight away and paid after 2 months. Thanks topcashback
  danjoe | 30 Dec 2009 Report Abuse
Transaction reported very quickly.
  Rich_Ingram | 29 Dec 2009 Report Abuse
It took an e-mail to top cashback to get edf to acknowledge that they should pay me £60 and although this is now showing as confirmed it has not become payable as yet after at least 6 weeks. Very disappointed in edf.
  ladinlanx | 28 Dec 2009 Report Abuse
Really quick to move into tracking and confirmed
  waldy | 28 Dec 2009 Report Abuse
Didn't payout at first, but after submitting a claim via topcashback the non payment seems to have been resolved subject to providing this feedback.
  mikofla22 | 28 Dec 2009 Report Abuse
Very slow at making payment. Have chased up, and the amount is now listed as "confirmed" (but not payable) for the last 2 weeks. Sigh...
  hakimcassimally | 27 Dec 2009 Report Abuse
Had to submit manual track but has now been confirmed 4 months later.
  jo24b | 26 Dec 2009 Report Abuse
No problems
  RossoCol | 23 Dec 2009 Report Abuse
Did not track put in manual claim 3 months go with no result :(
  Rossharvey | 23 Dec 2009 Report Abuse
Very slow payment by edf (4-5 months) and poor tracking of edf claims
  898445935 | 23 Dec 2009 Report Abuse
Very generous n efficient
  1879 | 22 Dec 2009 Report Abuse
Took a long time august >> december but eventually payment was made. Advice from topcashback gave me a reasonable expectation of delay so I didn't fret. Now I just want to see the nectar poionts to maximise the benefit. Merry christmas to all fellow members and staff.
  DaveTCB | 22 Dec 2009 Report Abuse
This was my first experience of tcb. Initially not tracked but after I submitted a claim it all went through fine. It took a while but i've got the money in my bank now so i'm happy.
  arwwatson | 21 Dec 2009 Report Abuse
Had to chase for payment but have now received.
  kjem | 20 Dec 2009 Report Abuse
Yet another 'did not track' - waiting on a manual claim (haven't bothered about previous ones for other retailers as they were worth pence, but i'm obviously going to push for this.
  MINCER | 19 Dec 2009 Report Abuse
Tracked and paid out ok, must admit I preferred scottish power though
  Member167385138 | 19 Dec 2009 Report Abuse
Very quick once my claim was recognised.
  ginettechambers | 18 Dec 2009 Report Abuse
Long time to become payable. Switched 14th august, tracked quickly but was not payable until 18th dec (4 months)
  SnipeZ | 18 Dec 2009 Report Abuse
Excellent cashback, paid quite quickly and cheapest utilities too
  glenn21 | 18 Dec 2009 Report Abuse
Took far longer to reach payable than had expected/been advised but finally have been able to claim payment.
  Lee14 | 17 Dec 2009 Report Abuse
Took about 6 weeks and posting an enquiry before this one tracked. Still awaiting payment
  Shirker | 17 Dec 2009 Report Abuse
Didn't track initially, had to submit a claim. Took longer than expected.
  8101396759 | 17 Dec 2009 Report Abuse
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